Wednesday, April 19, 2006


YouTube corner

As most people know by now, YouTube is a great way to see all the funny bits of american sketch shows, sorry sample quality entertainment, and laugh at idiots who have recorded themselves dancing/singing/preparing their Darwin Awards submission, um view the cream of amateur film-making...

Men In Coats:
Genius physical comedy from the UK. They're men. In coats.

The worst cover version ever?
You'll never be able to Listen to Europe in the same way again. Via Music Thing
I dare you to listen to the whole thing! As Music thing say"There are numerous great things about it, like the moment when a roadie wearing hot pink short shorts wanders onto the stage, checks that the sound coming out of the speakers really is that bad, and wanders off."

More Cowbell
Everyone should see this, if only to have an explanation for such web oddities as this and this

Can ya feel the embedded video love? Well, can ya?

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