Tuesday, April 25, 2006


Silly man

David Blaine, the publicity-shy illusionsist and magician professional show-off, has announced that for his next attempt at boring the entire world to death, he will be spending a week underwater
Silly man - has he no idea how wrinkly he'll become? I know I look about 92 after an hour in the bath, but after a week his resemblance to a prune will be uncanny.

Even though I've just been offered a job, I can't help but notice that these 'stunts' seem to pay Mr Blaine rather well. With that in mind, I'm wondering if I could earn some cash on the side with any of these:

Of course for the true Blaine effect, I need to have all my air/water/food needs supplied by tube, and some kind of colostomy bag arrangement, but I reckon as it stands I'm all set to start approaching some TV production companies. Endemol, got anything lined up after Big Brother this year?

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