Friday, April 28, 2006


Sad to go

Last day in the office, and everything's suddenly very real. Leaving where I've been volunteering for the past 3 months was inevitable, but due to the speed with which my new job wants me to start, I've only had 4 days from knowing I was going, to saying goodbye. I'm back in next week, but for a rather stressy event, so it won't be the same.
I'm now getting more & more scared by the prospect of the new job, and wondering again whether I can really do it. Surprisingly for me I'm also feeling rather sad. Almost tearful in fact. This is in part due to a leaving gift which was a) completely unexpected and b) rather generous.
Next week, new contract permitting, a new Being is Bewildering feature: NewJobBlog

Microsoft Word is a horrible piece of software and should never be used for graphic design or layout work. Certainly not when said work needs to be done quickly. Grrr!

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