Sunday, April 23, 2006


Marathon effort

Finally stood down from my post some time after 5, but due to a lot of waiting around for our paramedic to return his drug pack (apparently they're quite strict on that kind of thing), didn't get home until around 19.00, having left my house at 06.45 this morning
Twelve hours is a long time to be on duty even if that is just standing around waiting for something to happen - I'm exhausted!
I was situated at the foot of Big Ben [Yes pedants, I know it's St. Stephen's Tower, and it's the bell that's called Big Ben] so between 25 & 26 miles. By this stage, the runners aren't interested in Vaseline - they've either had enough or they're beyond the help of petroleum jelly.
Two jobs to deal with - one eplileptic fit that a police officer spotted and caught, so no injuries, but the poor guy was rather confused/combative as he came out of it, and went off to the nearest hospital struggling with our ambulance crew. Still, better to be struggling than not moving at all. We think it may have been his first fit. Rather unfortunately it happened directly across from a "cheering point" for the charity he was running for.
Second job was actually in the Tube station, a lady feeling unwell on the platform. As she'd been unwell for a while and was a bit weak on her feet, she got a free lift to A&E for a check-up courtesy of St. John.
Very tired, but need to prepare for my second interview. *nerves!*

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