Friday, April 14, 2006


Long legs... or not

Went into Zara today to investigate their men's clothing. I'd been told that they were good for smaller sized trousers.
"How small do your trousers go?" I asked
"30 inch waist"
"And the legs?"
"34 inch"
"The shortest leg?"
"34 inch"
Me: "What?!? That means you won't have any customers under about 6 foot 4!"

The shop wasn't full of tall lean customers, actually, there were very few men in there at all. For comparison, the two female sales advisors I spoke to can't hve been more than 5'4" and 5'0" each. I really do wonder how long the shop can continue this policy without going bust.
There's a definite lack of trousers for short skinny men - if you're shaped like an egg, and only slightly taller than one, you're spoilt for choice.

Hmmm, I smell a business opportunity - there are shops for "the larger man" so why not "the smaller man"?
Therefore, I am announcing that I will soon be opening

Miller & Co. Pygmy Outfitters

Maybe the name needs some work.

God help us all!
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