Saturday, April 22, 2006


Don't Panic!

When the agency first sent the profile through, I thought there was no way I'd get anywhere with it - lacked a lot of the necessary experience, and the salary range had 'second job' written all over it. Bit of a long shot, but hey, no harm trying?
Then I got an email from the agency - they wanted to interview me! Must have written my CV very well, or they'd misread it. Oh well, good interview practice.
So, the agency calls to confirm details, and I tell them I think it's a long shot. Nonsense they say - they claimed to have put forward 6 CVs, and 2 were then called to interview. OK - bit of a confidence boost, but I still need to explain all the bits of the role I've not done before.
Started off with a test for which I couldn't prepare. This was a list of tasks to perform on Raiser's Edge - the standard db package in charity fundraising offices. Now I've used this, but only certain apps, and not for any fundraising operations. I'll give it my best shot...
Apologised for my lack of skills, was then told I was the best they'd had
Followed this with an interview where I had no experience of half the things I'd be expected to do, and couldn't find examples of my previous work that didn't involve drunk people.
Anyway, they wanted to know if I'd be available on Monday, if they shortlisted me. I said yes...
...Within half an hour I was talking to the agency about when I could go in on Monday - I was fully expecting a call saying that they didn't want to see me again, but instead I'm back there at 11am Monday.

So that was a surprise.
Everything's moving very quickly, and there's suddenly an alarmingly real possibility that I could have a proper job (with money!) within weeks... Don't know if I'm more excited or scared. Can I do it? Do I want to do it? It's not quite the field I thought I wanted to go into, but it's the right sector, and has got PR elements... it's looking tempting, but then again they still might not make an offer. Meanwhile I've got to concentrate on applying myself to applying for other jobs and steeling myself for a day at the marathon as a First Aider/Nipple Lubricator...

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