Thursday, April 27, 2006


Contractual obligations

After a slightly worrying day yesterday when it didn't turn up as expected, I took delivery of my new employment contract this morning, a slightly chunky package that will allow me to sign away my life in exchange for cold hard cash.
Tryign to understand it, and work out any conflicts of interest. If I've understood it correctly, I may be required to give up my theatre job which would be rather a pity, as theatre work is great fun and occasionally very well paid if it's a commercial get-out like this weekend is. Still, if the day job says no, that's it.

Why are contractual terms and conditions so scary though? It always seems like when they're written down they appear to forbid breathing on company premises, and failure to comply will result in dismissal.
Actually it's not that bad, and so far it does seen to make sense, which is a relief.

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