Wednesday, April 19, 2006


Comments please

To all blog readers (all 3 of you), commentign shoudl now be possible. I have turned off the moderation that I already thought was off, and comments are no longer set to a blank email address for modding.
Comment freely!
[word verification's switched on though to prevent spam]

Anonymous commenting testing - is this thing on??
Marvellous, commenting does work
People who write blogs have too much time, as for those who read it...hmm!
Your blog is bringing me amusement in the many hrs of bordem though.
Anonymous, who are you? Reveal yourself!
Yeah, too much time on my hands, but at least this way there's an output for my dull ramblings without others having to suffer - I like to think of it as a community service.
What was your crime to result in community service? :)
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