Wednesday, April 19, 2006


Certified, possibly insane

After 2 days in the classroom manhandling complete strangers and getting intimate with plastic dummies I have once again been classed as 'competent' to be a First Aider - the certificate's in the post.
I don't know if I should be relieved to have got the assessment out of the way for another 3 years, or concerned that I'm in the same bracket as some of the other students, who I certainly wouldn't consider competent - I'd never make it as an assessor.
We concentrated on workplace accidents, so sadly none of the more 'interesting' jobs I enjoy, such as:

Still, all this practice does mean I'm set up for the London Marathon on Sunday. And I got to meet our county commissioner for the first time... as my resus assessor.
Now, I need to get sorted for my job interview on Friday, but unfortunately the charity in question has yet to update their site with the most recent annual review, and don't have an electronic version. Snail Mail and first class post to the rescue - hopefully I'll have it in my sweaty little palms before the morning of the interview at least.

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