Monday, April 24, 2006



When I titled this blog, many moons ago, I called it Being is Bewildering because
  1. All the good names were taken
  2. I'm often confused by life
  3. I like that Moloko song
Recently being me got even more bewildering - 2 interviews which I didn't think went particularly well have ended in... a job offer! I start next week. 3-month temp contract initially, but intending to lead to a permanent position (something to do with auditing apparently)

It's all been rather rapid & unexpected, but I now need to work my a$$ off to prove I match up to their expectations. It's gonna be tough, but I'll keep you posted.
Now I just need to finish off my work at my current placement, and try not to get too drunk at my leaving drinks. Then there's the small matter of shoeshining and shirt-ironing in preparation for a royal visit next week, which I'm helping out at as my last task for my current placement. Now, where does a 2-ton trailer and a 10k run fit into all of this? Somewhere in the middle I think.

Well done David!
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