Thursday, March 24, 2005



Well, in less than 24 hours I shall have left sunny York for the glories of Watford. Oh yes.
Unfortunately, the exercise will not be a profitable one, as the bar where I normally work during my vacations doesn't want to employ me this time around (new manager ... just recruited 5 new staff ... blah blah ... same for all the other students ... blah ... will let you know if we need any shifts filling) So there's a lack of cashflow there. Also, my dad's withdrawing from his teacher training course, meaning he'll be looking for work again (anyone interested in a highly experienced physicist? Will not work on evil nuclear world domination plans unless the price is right. London Area.) Maybe buying a new EF 28-105 f/3.5-4.5 USM MkII on Monday wasn't such a hot idea... But it's very nice. Just need to get out and enjoy it now. I guess if I don't load any film, it'll keep things cheap...
But now, dear reader my thoughts turn to the oddities of Weetabix. Sitting there, innocently in its packet, it is dry and flaky, like some kind of dandruff-prone high-fibre DomoKun At the merest hint of milk however, it turns into a greying sludge which must be consumed immediately and rapidly if it is not to become completely unpalatable. Leave the merest hint of sludge in the bowl once you have finished your breakfast though, and a strange concrete-like substance with superglue adhesive properties is formed requiring high strength chemicals and industrial cleaning apparatus to remove. Well, maybe not, but there's a lot of soaking and scrubbing involved. But the amazing part? All this from a breakfast cereal! I feel sure weetabix may have some higher purpose, or maybe applications in the construction industry, as long as the buildings aren't subjected to milk...

So, things aren't great, aside from the wonders of weetabix. However, I shall attempt to find reasons to be cheerful
  1. I acquired Mylo's rather excellent album, Destroy Rock & Roll on Monday with a gift token from a well-meaning family friend. The record is excellent, I recommend it to anyone who likes dance music (although if you're in that bracket, you probably have it already), or just digs good music. I am also liking Studio B's "I see girls" though I'm trying to work out if it's really sleazy or a tribute to the female form. I fear the former.
  2. My photos on are being seen by loads of people. When I last checked, 3731 people had checked out my tweaked version of 'Pointing at the Weather' which is kind of humbling. I got another set of photos back today, upgraded to 7x5's from 6x4's as a special offer, and then they refunded the d&p when I pointed out the negs were scratched. Result! (Not all the negs were scratched, and not the shots I really cared about)
  3. Um, third cheerful thing... I get to see my family tomorrow. Which I guess is good...
  4. I managed to remove the Chinese from my clothes Yay!
Right, should finish packing. No reply from C, but I think she's on holiday. Don't know how long for, but I'm not worried. I'm [fairly] patient.

5. Just remembered another cheery thing: I've hit 6.2 on Not a scientific measure, but being hotter than 58% of the other men on the site is a bit of a confodence booster, nonetheless *preens*

Sunday, March 20, 2005


The Return!

I have shamelessly neglected this wee blog for months. Not that it matters, as no-one reads it, but I still feel I shouldn't abandon my blog in its youth.
Since I last posted...

Sounds exciting, doesn't it?
Allow me to explain the last one on that list.
Friday night, end of term, went out with some friends, didn't get drunk, but got wasted. So, severely inebriated, and very loquacious, I went for some delicious Chinese takeaway. Unfortunately my good friend 'D' decided that my hair and his takeaway shold be introduced to each other. I disagreed, but he was quite insistent. Hence my jeans & jacket still have the Golden Dragon's finest Kung Po sauce attached to them.
Anyhoo, got home, decided my hair needed some attention, thought I'd have a shower. Kids, don't mix alcohol with standing on slippery surfaces.
  1. I turned.
  2. I slipped.
  3. I was catapaulted over the edge of the bath
  4. I landed with a thump on the floor of my bathroom in a confused, wet, stark bollock naked heap.
  5. I now have bruises on my elbows, hips and across the base of my back. Ouch.
It really didn't help that I was drunk enough that I was unable to react quickly to a changing situation. Discovering myself on the floor in my little puddle of water & confusion [clean shower water, not confusion water I hasten to add] it took me a full 2 seconds to figure out why I was staring up at my man-bits with my ankles on the edge of the bath.
Not doing that again.

Well, I may update this more often from now often, particularly if I continue to have exciting alcohol-related adventures for the entore world to laugh at. Until then, stay safe, stay clean, stay sober (pick any 2 of the above)
Checking my mail, C still hasn't replied...

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