Friday, June 10, 2005


Consumer choice

Bit different, this post. I'm not going to talk about my love life, because as of wednesday night that just confuses me. I'll try and disentangle the pieces later today, and find out what's going on in a certain person's head.
Anyway, consumer choice! Thinking about this as I bought 2-for-1 on Pepsi Max Twist Lemon & Lime, for the caffeine which is currently powering this post and my final year project. Lemon & lime work well in cola, which is why bars have been doing it for years, so it isn't that surprising the manufacturers put it in the drinks now. The array of choices is quite simply bewildering though. Do I want Coca Cola, Pepsi, full-sugar, diet, max-tastes-like it's got sugar in, no-caffeine, vanilla, cherry, lemon, lime, lemon & lime... the list goes on. I just hope they don't put these 'twist' varieties in bars, or bar staff are probably going to be the victims of violence from drinkers who just want a drink.
At the moment, this is the dance we have to go through offering customers 'choices'

Customer: Can I get a vodka & coke please?
Bar staff: Sure, would you like to make it a double for a pound extra? Which vodka would you like Smirnoff, Smirnoff Norsk, or Stolichnaya? Would you like draught Pepsi or bottled Coke? Regular or diet? Ice? Wedge of lemon or lime? Anything else?

Maybe we're offering people too many choices. As you can see, there are far too many questions, and if the customer wants more than one drink, you have to ask similar questions for every spirit - "2 JD& cokes, a vodka lemon & lime, vodka & lemon, archers & lemonade & a vodka & coke" turns into a ten minute conversation/interrogation as the barman tries to offer 'choice' Fail to ask all the questions though and you're putting your job and your manager's bonus at risk, as there's always a chance it's a Mystery Customer.
I'm surprised nobody's actually punched me yet.
Please, have patience with the frustrating barstaff who seem to be trying to keep you and your drink separated. They're only doing it because they have to.
Right, back to the report. May post later on what it feels like to finish a degree, what happens this afternoon with a certain attractive but oh-so-frustrating lady, and if I've got time, I've got a story up my sleeve about men approaching me in pub toilets. Just so I can look fondly back on this when my memory's fading, y'understand

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