Saturday, May 28, 2005



Reasons to be cheerful:
  1. I never have to subject another unsuspecting member of the campus community to a ringtone just behind their head and then ask them what they thought of it
  2. I have become acquainted with a nice lady, and although we're no more than acquaintances at the moment, she hasn't threatened a restraining order, and there are plans afoot to meet up again in the not too distant future. Which is Good.
Things which are not quite so good:
  1. I need to have a project draft in on Monday, and it's not really been started yet.
  2. People keep having stupid, stupid debates about volunteers' uniforms. There seem to be obsessions with costs, tradition and personal taste in aesthetics which are being allowed to override considerations of value for money, practicality and safety.
Right, veggie fry-up brekkie [no weetabix] and then work, work work!

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