Sunday, May 15, 2005


101 uses for a triangular bandage

The title of this post is the result of spending yesterday learning how to deal with fractures to almost any bone armed with little more than a collection of triangular bandages. Fascinating stuff.
Apart from tying people up, I've been cooking, adding 'Quorma' to my repertoire alongside 'Chilli Non Carne' and other similar delights. My quorma included creamed coconut (ooh, posh!) ANother possibility was coconut milk, but I didn't want to figure out how to milk a coconut. Are there udders hidden beneath that fibrous exteriror? One dreads to think.
On a related note, I've seen the adverts for Whiskas cat milk on TV, and immediately wondered how you go about milking a cat.
Instead of fields, are there large living rooms with herds of dozens of cats, rounded up twice a day and herded into stalls where the precious mammary fluids are extracted by machine. Surreal imagery indeed, but it turns out I'm not the first to think of this No such thing as an original idea it would seem.

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