Sunday, March 20, 2005


The Return!

I have shamelessly neglected this wee blog for months. Not that it matters, as no-one reads it, but I still feel I shouldn't abandon my blog in its youth.
Since I last posted...

Sounds exciting, doesn't it?
Allow me to explain the last one on that list.
Friday night, end of term, went out with some friends, didn't get drunk, but got wasted. So, severely inebriated, and very loquacious, I went for some delicious Chinese takeaway. Unfortunately my good friend 'D' decided that my hair and his takeaway shold be introduced to each other. I disagreed, but he was quite insistent. Hence my jeans & jacket still have the Golden Dragon's finest Kung Po sauce attached to them.
Anyhoo, got home, decided my hair needed some attention, thought I'd have a shower. Kids, don't mix alcohol with standing on slippery surfaces.
  1. I turned.
  2. I slipped.
  3. I was catapaulted over the edge of the bath
  4. I landed with a thump on the floor of my bathroom in a confused, wet, stark bollock naked heap.
  5. I now have bruises on my elbows, hips and across the base of my back. Ouch.
It really didn't help that I was drunk enough that I was unable to react quickly to a changing situation. Discovering myself on the floor in my little puddle of water & confusion [clean shower water, not confusion water I hasten to add] it took me a full 2 seconds to figure out why I was staring up at my man-bits with my ankles on the edge of the bath.
Not doing that again.

Well, I may update this more often from now often, particularly if I continue to have exciting alcohol-related adventures for the entore world to laugh at. Until then, stay safe, stay clean, stay sober (pick any 2 of the above)
Checking my mail, C still hasn't replied...

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