Tuesday, February 01, 2005


One week later - computer woes

Haven't touched this for a week.
My computer has decided that during the final phase of my course would be an excellent time to die. Much buzzing was emanating from the box, and all upon the screen there was no movement, and then darkness. Bugger.
Hence I am to be found in the bowels of the library on a slightly grubby campus PC (well, they're all quite well used) Might actually get some work done, which would be a plus.

Probably heading out again tonight, although I shall be attempting to limit my caffeine intake, if not my alcohol consumption. The comedown last week was not nice. Alert at 9am, palpitations @ 3pm, sudden loss of all caffeine from body at 4pm, resulting in extreme exhaustion. Fun.

I have been wondering what posesses people to eat poisonous stuff. Bear with me.

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