Thursday, February 03, 2005


The mystery of poisonous stuff

At what point did some enterprising Japanese person decide that eating fish containing exceedingly poisonous nerve toxins was a good idea?
It must have been a quite challenging process of trial and error to discover the exact method by which the poisonous parts could be extracted.
Either they were really hungry, or the fish must taste pretty damn good.

"Hey guys, check this fish out"
"Let's eat it"
*Cooking ensues*
"Mmm, looks great"
*Coughing, painful death etc.*
"Errr, what now?"
"Let's try and figure out which bit killed him"
"But we just watched Kenji die a painful death from eating your fish"
"Yeah man, but I swear his last words were 'Mmm, tasty'"
"Are you sure, 'cos with the foaming at the mouth and the death spasms, I found it quite hard to make any words out. Could his last words have been 'Aaaargh, the pain!' ?"
"Maybe, but before that, he did seem to be licking his lips"

On the panda note, I'm seriously considering writing to the WWF, to suggest that world panda numbers could be assisted with the judicious application of alcohol.

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